Ceramic Archivists
An on-going commission for the
Internet Archive by sculptor
Nuala Creed

Visitors can view the sculptures on Fridays between 1:00 and 2:00pm.
Call (415) 561-6767 for inquiries.

Into the Labyrinth - an article in
The Magazine

Images of Archivists featured in

An article about the reception
in Silicon Valley Watcher

Here is a video of Nuala and Brewster
presenting at the 100 Archivists
Celebration on May 30, 2014

Inspiration for the Project
Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, went to China and was impressed with the Xian warriors. After he got back, he decided to hire Nuala Creed to start making sculptures representing indivuals who had dedicated at least three years of service to the Archive. Nuala has made 100 to date. They are on display in the Great Room of the Internet Archive, in San Francisco, California.

This image is featured on page 24-25 of The Human Face of Big Data by Smolin and Erwitt (photograph Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. 2012)

Here is a time-lapse video which shows the making of the above photograph

"Harnessing the medium of clay, with its millennia of human history, to the era of post-print high-technology, Nuala Creed has imbued these portraits of 100 contemporary workers with individuality and created a telling snapshot of our times, along with an excellent view of the dedicated skill of the artist. The Ceramic Archivists stand ready to tell their stories to future generations."
-- Susannah Israel

Ceramics Art and Perception, issue 92, '13, pp 76-77

see Susannah's article here

These figures are featured on page 414 in the book 500 Figures in Clay, volume 2, by Lark Books, Nan Smith juror

"I love this commission, it allows me to do what I love, to create figures in clay. The Ceramic Archivists are hand-built, each figure is unique. I work from a photograph of the person, and a brief statement as to their interests. As I build the figure it is almost as though I am getting to know that person. Many of the figures are holding something, a coffee cup, book, cell phone, plate of cookies, knitting, a laptop etc. which personalizes them. Though I have made 100 of them to date, each piece still presents a challenge to convay the individual."

2014, Nuala Creed www.nualacreed.com